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by Chuck Hall posted Mar 31 2014 12:05PM
Don't miss the 11th Annual Columbia River Cowboy Gathering & Music Festival, April 11th, 12th,13th at the Benton County Fairgrounds. Tickets available at Kennewick Ranch and Home. Buy your tickets in advance and save 10 dollars. Headliners include TG Sheppard (friday) and Rex Allen jr (saturday) also performing, Zac Grooms and Brewers Grade, Sam Deleeuw and Cimarron Sue and Nevada Slim. More info at, or call 509-851-4287
by Chuck Hall posted Mar 19 2014 10:15AM
The 2014 Columbia River Cowboy Gathering is just around the corner. April 11th, 12th and 13th at the Benton County fairgrounds. This years headliners are Rex Allen jr, and TG Sheapard. Other acts include Zac Grooms and Brewers Grade, Cimarron Sue and Nevada Slim and Sam DeLuuew. Cowboy idol contest-poetry and song, plus two daytime stages on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. Food, venders and a Cowboy church on Sunday. Camping also available. Tickets at Kennewick Ranch and Home. For more information call 509-851-4287 or 509-851-4288. It's the 2014 Columbia River Cowboy Gathering, Preserving our western heritage thru song and poetry. Free tickets on the way, keep checking this website.
by Builder posted Mar 8 2014 8:48AM
by Builder posted Nov 27 2013 5:13PM

Two years ago, a man named Cree Cantrell in Biloxi, Mississippi lost his cat, Jacque.  Cree waited for the call that someone had found Jacque, but it never came. Then, after TWO YEARS, he got a phone call that Jacque had turned up . . . in DENVER, COLORADO.  Biloxi and Denver are about 1,300 miles apart.  No one has ANY IDEA how Jacque made that trip. But a vet in Colorado had Jacque, scanned the microchip Cree had implanted under his skin, and Cree's information came up.  Now they've been reunited. Cree says he'd never planned on getting Jacque microchipped, but when he took Jacque in to the Humane Society to get him neutered, they recommended it. According to the Humane Society of South Mississippi, your chances of being reunited with a lost pet jump to over 50% if you have the pet microchipped.




(ABC 13 - Biloxi

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by Builder posted Nov 27 2013 4:26PM
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